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Fidget is a style of house music. It relies heavily on broken or distorted samples.
Wow dude, there's a heavy bassline in that fidget song!
додав Draox 16 Липень 2009
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to toy with an object, usually a pen, during company meetings or bad church sermons
Pastor Ed's sermon sent us all in a stupor, so i fidgeted
додав cinnabun! 21 Серпень 2003
A fucking midget. A short person who should be seen and not heard.
Oh my Gods, wandergirl is such a fidget!
додав digitaldevil 29 Грудень 2004
Fidget = Female Midget
Usually used for a woman that is short, but not really a midget.
"I only date tall men."
"What? But you're a fidget!"
додав blobbs_burgers 11 Червень 2012
a damn cool person who can draw amazingly
he also has amazing taste in the MUSICS
this fidget is in italics
додав suprfidgetfanxoxo1991 9 Листопад 2011
A fat midget.
Oh my gosh, look at that fidget over there!
додав ElmoLover13 17 Квітень 2009
A Faggot and a Midget
That lil fidget is talking real slick
додав Nfamous 30 Червень 2011

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