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a turd that comes out so fast that it splashes the toilet water into ur bunghole
i dropped a flomper n it soaked my anus.
додав Romicks Class 11 Березень 2005

Слова пов'язані з Flomper

boobs. flompers flomps flompy hooters jugs pooper shmefer tinklewinkle winkler wonker.
Very large, real breasts.
1. "Hey man, check out those flompers!" 2. "Shes got those flompers on deck!" 3. "This chick in my class has the biggest flompers i've ever seen!"
додав Vik Deegnaad 28 Січень 2010
When something out of the ordinary happens to pop out/up. Can be used to describe anything that's floppy. Anything that suprises you can be described as a flomper/fwomper.
Looking at your moms ass gave me a flomper.
Did you see it when that girls tats popped out? What a flomper.
додав West mo fo sho 16 Листопад 2004