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Extremely hungry, originates from fucking hungry
Goddamn I'm fungry.
додав Jessica S. 27 Березень 2003
7 9
When a person/persons is beyond feeling hungry but they are f**king hungry, like hungry to eat a horse hungry, like damnit I want to kill someone and no a snickers will not satisfy my hunger hungry.
Those poor children in Somolia, they look so FUNGRY.....

Last night I had the munchies but I just couldnt get enough food, I was so fungry..
додав Tony Belowknee 5 Червень 2014
7391 6430
Fuckin hungry
I'm so fungry
додав Kirkish 18 Вересень 2003
334 42
Meaning to be Fucking Hungry; very hungry; hungry to the max; hunger plus 5.
Great! Now I'm Fungry because you want to eat nachos in my face.
додав Elliott Cantler 10 Липень 2008
102 29
The state of being extremely hungry. As popularised on CNNNN.
"I'm fungry"
додав bob 2 Листопад 2002
88 50
Fucking Hungry
Yo, are the burgers almost done? I'm fungry over here
додав Carrera500 30 Січень 2009
40 19
Short for "Fucking Hungry"

Related to Fugly.
Dude, I am so Fungry I could eat your house!!!
додав Corey Bennett 25 Лютий 2005
47 27
Fucking Hungry, used to describe an extreme hunger
Man, I haven't eaten all day! I'm so fungry I could eat a whole cow!
додав Verai 4 Грудень 2005
34 19