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A mythical creature shaped rather like a jellyfish, often found fangoriously devouring preteen children. Originates from the informative childrens literature, strongbad's Everyone is Different. See also fangoriously devoured.
"Some people are being fangoriously devoured by a gelatinous monster... Hillary's legs are being digested."
додав onetime 4 Жовтень 2003

Слова пов'язані з Gelatinous Monster

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A monster that fangoriously devours, and subsequently digests legs.
"Some people are being fangoriously devoured by a gelatinous monster. Hillarys' legs are being digested.
додав the cheat 13 Вересень 2003
the type of monster that tends to eat people in a fangorious manner.
And some people are being fangoriusly eaten by a gelatinous monster. hillary's legs are being digested
додав zaphod beblebrox 10 Вересень 2003