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Ham stands for: hard as a motherf**ker. Therefore, this word is easily defined as "going hard as a motherf**ker". Every other definition I've seen on this website is definitely not right.
John: You know what I'm gonna do tonight?

Class: No, what??

John: I'm goin ham.

Jenny: What's going ham mean?

John: Ham means "hard as a motherf**ker". So goin ham means I'm gonna go hard as a motherf**ker.
додав RAWphenom 12 Січень 2011
3479 1217
going Hard As a Motherfucker on someone, crazy, balistic
He better not step to me cuz ima go HAM on da bitch!!!! I'm Going H.A.M. on these bitches.
додав liljesus3890 20 Січень 2011
115 27
To go Hard As A Muthafucka!
Im going H.A.M. in the club.
додав ahutton4 17 Лютий 2011
65 28
to do something as best as you possibly can.
I'm going ham at the gym today!
173 149
Going Hard As A Motherfucker

As used in the Jay-Z and Kanye West song H.A.M.

Meaning to put a large amount of effort into something
Random Guy:Damn i died!!!! Im Going H.A.M. on these bastards!!
додав ThatGuyWhoDefines 5 Березень 2011
47 27
It means you are going hard and harder, fast and faster, and strong and stronger.
We are going ham
додав 3DBrownell 12 Січень 2013
155 161
The process of going "Hard As a Motherfucker", usually while working very hard on something or focusing intensely on video games
Jim: Wow John is really going HAM right now huh?
Phil: Yeah i havent seen him look away from his TV in hours
додав Mr.iRageDxT 26 Травень 2011
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