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a) graphic violence,the depiction of particularly vivid and realistic acts of violence and brutality in visual media such as literature, film, television, and video games. It may be real, simulated live action, or animated

b) in music, the subgenre of grindcore, or grind, most influenced by metal and especially death metal, having barely or no influence by hardcore at all. Consisted of low growls, gurgles, and screams, heavily distorted guitars, death metal drumming with a lot of powersnared rhythms. Sometimes also called grindgore or gore grind. Easily distinguished from other grind bands that are not gore such as suicide silence, a black rose burial, Braindrill, and Shotgun facelift. Many scene kids have been known to add gore to their myspace display name even though they dont listen to gore, only grind and at times not even that.
gore bands include such as Haemorrhage, Flesh consumed, Sakrificio, Yautlan, Regurgitated Terror, and Casket Blaster
додав benny S. 11 Квітня 2008
a) rushing blood

b) Some politician called Al Gore

c) What heavy African beasts do to you. Basically, a charge followed by a toss.
It doesen't get any more serious than a Rhino about to gore yo ass!
додав Kung-Fu Jesus 29 Квітня 2004
1. blood that is shed, especially when clotted.
2. what scene kids put in their myspace, or msn display names to seem cooler.

(emos seem to have a fetish with the term gore, even though most of them have no idea what it means)
brittneyGORE is so hardcore; did you see her skanking at the show last night?
додав christinaCORE 03 Лютого 2007
A scene term for a Horror movie.
Gimme those Gore films, I can't get enough!
додав Scene Be Mean 11 Вересня 2006
A type of horror movie where the emphasis is on the action/detail of the killing as compared to Splatter where the emphasis is on the Killing itself. Often very explicit.
Aftermath is a very nasty but good gore movie.
додав Lucas 666 02 Квітня 2007
Over the top or unrealistic violence;

The BBFC, MPAA and most other classification boards classify gore as surpassing 'strong bloody and/or sadistic and/or sexualized and/or stylized violence', therefore being too unrealistic, comical or gratuitous to be classified as any of the above extremities in feasible depictions of violence.
'Irreversible' is an experimental/art house film containing strong and sexualized violence.

'Bad Taste' is a comedy/B movie containing frequent bloody gore.

Prolonged rape, torture, humiliation and gratuitously realistic acts of brutality = Violence

Using a chainsaw to slice through hundreds of zombies (people painted grey) that fall to pieces on contact with the chainsaws blades as if they were balloons full of ketchup = Gore
додав Zombi Ist Krieg 17 Травня 2009
One of an eclectic selection of uber-cool people, usually found in the Mediterranean region. Members of this prestigious minority acknowledge each other with this term. One usually finds them hidden in remote housing, active lounging and surrounded by labradors. Entry into this exclusive society can only be initiated by an existing 'gore', and although access is rare, it is possible if one exhibits the necessary gore characteristics: female, 'unique' sense of humour, borderline hermits, whimsical imagination, love of anything cheesy (including cheese).
"Umm..excuse me Gore..I'd like to join up, could you arrange a meeting with the Gorefather?"
"I'll see what I can do. But you have to be prepared to 'go to the mattresses'"
"Yes, yes of course, I'm ready to prove myself! I'll fight! I'll do anything!"
"No no.. I mean literally..go to the mattresses. Pick one, lie down, put your feet up, watch a movie, eat some cheese."
додав weknow 22 Серпня 2009
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