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See G-Unit.
Gorilla Unitsssss
додав Fangsta 15 Грудень 2003
50 cent and his stupid entourage mispelling guerilla.

i love 50, g-unit, and eminem, but its just fucking stupid.
white kid of suburbia "Gorilla unit, like the monkey?"
додав bkpwns50 15 Березень 2005
Gorilla Unit Is A Hip Hop Group Known As G-Unit. Gorilla Unit Means A Group Causing Little Battles And Usually Consists Of Ambushes. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, And Young Buck Are The Main Rappers In G-Unit Under The Name Of Dr.Dre.
In All Or Most Of 50 Cents Songs He Says Gorilla Unit As G-Unit: "Shady, Aftermath, GGGGGG Unit!!!!"
додав Perry Peck 20 Березень 2007
..."got a clip full of poison bananas and some cold hard killers from Compton HERE MONKEY, MONKEY"...

...Monkey monkey referring to the G-Units' definition, Guerrilla Unit or Gorilla Unit. The title given because Guerrilla is a organization usually with some political objective such as the overthrow of a government. Also known as a paramilitary, rebel, revolutionary or terrorist.
Sometimes the 'G-Unit' is refered to Gangsta Unit but this is only a way around all the monkey business...

Guerrilla or Gorilla is a type of soldier which is what the group is TRYING to be... but 50 cent looks like a monkey... HERE MONKEY MONKEY- Gorilla Unit
додав Nevaeh 6 Серпень 2006
the original clothing company of G-unit. Is not Guerrilla-Unit and never was. Young Buc never wore a Guerrilla Unit pants either.
Yo, that Gorilla Unit shirt is the shaganoff.
додав Gaurav 16 Березень 2004