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Grumpy baby.
George was being a total graby this morning.
додав mothergoose99 4 Лютий 2010
Abbreviation: Meaning GIMP rabies =]
Ross: Man look over there its a pvc suited guy with grabies

Belle: Damn those GIMPS...
додав ross david westerly 4 Вересень 2007
grown baby
Haley's a graby
додав CallMeSK 6 Січень 2010
Graby is the colloquial term for a man's semen, or more commonly known as BabyGravy.
"Y'arigh' love, ye want me graby between ye' baps?"

"I'm going to bast your oven with my graby, tonight"
додав Peter Foil 19 Серпень 2011