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The term given to a person who enjoys to drink alot and get into trouble

May also be referred to as Gush, Gushi and in extreme cases MCGushi
Hey Robbie I heard you had to go to hospital because you drank too much and passed out?

Robbie: yhman

LOL what a Gushpot
додав DanE93 9 Травень 2010

Слова пов'язані з Gushpot

bearded clam furry cup gash gush gushi leaky oyster mcgushi pot puss-juice
A vagina that overlubricates itself either prior to or during intercourse, resulting in excessive dripping of vaginal juices.
Her vadge was leaking puss-juice everywhere. I have never seen a gushpot like that before.
додав mikey_1980 1 Червень 2006