A game that people endlessly worship and consider to be the best game ever. It's fanboys say that anything other than Halo 3 is the worst thing ever made. They call the PlayStation the GayStation, as they are too idiotic to actually come up with insults and instead use the word "gay", often to cover up their own homosexual moments, such as when they masturbate with their friends instead of actually playing Halo 3. People said it would completely redefine the video game, and it turned out to the same as Halo 1 & 2, except for the fact that you could make a video in a confusing and unnecessary mode. The graphics were dated and nowhere near revolutionary. They resembled the graphics of a launch title for the Xbox 360, because the developers knew people would still buy it and say it was the best ever no matter how shitty it turned out to be. Most of it's fanboys used to be fanboys of Final Fantasy VII, but they've "grown up". It is a typical first-person shooter; awful story, ridiculously short campaign mode, alien invasion story that they're milking as much as possible, because, again, they know retards will still buy it and call it the best ever. Halo 3 fans are idiots. They love to make fun of Nintendo, even though they had Nintendo systems long before Xbox came out, and they still do. They can't admit that Mario Galaxy is better than Halo 3, even though Mario Galaxy actually gives gamers something they haven't seen in a sequel instead of giving them the same game constantly over and over again. Halo 3 fans are the people that will not read this because it is long, and will give it a thumbs down the second they realize it isn't positive.
Halo 3 is not revolutionary, it didn't do anything.

HALO 3 FAN: Is that game a first-person shooter?
FRIEND: Actually, yes it is, as first-person shooters became popular after the release of GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64


Technically, Sonic the Hedgehog is what Halo rips off of. Sonic was the first to give you the exact same thing over and over and over and still sold millions of copies.

I'm done playing Final Fantasy VII, so I started playing Halo 3. Final Fantasy VII sucks. Zelda games CAN'T be good. They aren't Halo.
додав Minus-World128 16 Січня 2008
The biggest disappointment of 2008 for all of its hype, this game absolutely sucked. I am speaking as a devoted fan of Xbox.
Kid 1: Man this game sucks.

Kid 2: Yeah, I thought Halo 3 was gonna be way better.
додав Halo 3 sucks 28 Червня 2009
Last game to be released in the Halo series. Was hyped beyond belief leading up to launch, with all kinds of coverage on the launch day from many forms of media. Sadly, I bought into the hype, depsite telling myself not to buy it cause it might suck as bad as halo 2. When i got this game and beat the campaign, i felt not a sense of accomplishment, but rather severe disappoitment. The story was non-existant, gameplay was too repetitive, fight sequences were rather dull and boring, teammates acted like they were recruited from the short bus (no wonder humanity was losing to the covenant!), graphics were unimpressive, with last gen-esq graphics in some areas, and barely current gen graphics in others. Character models, with the exception of Miranda Keyes, were just awful to look at. Voice acting was poor, and Chief's usually funny one liners were a borefest in this one. Controls were all messed up, the level design was poor, and the last boss was 343 Guilty Spark with Chief having the Spartan Laser... no challenge, huge letdown. Where the hell is that epic battle that was promised by the commericals? Ending was okay. Multiplayer is likely awesome (i don't have high-speed internet), but from what i've seen, its basically Halo 2 with shiny graphics and renamed maps. *yawn*
I loved Halo. My friends and i played it to death two summers ago. But then we got Halo 2, and man were we disappointed. I was really hoping Halo 3 would make up from the crapulance we had to play, but it performed even worse than Halo 2. I beat the game and decided to play with my friend... We got bored and stopped playing co-op after two hours and switched to Gears of War. Haven't touched Halo 3 since. Unless you love multiplayer and don't care for the single player, stay away from this one.
додав Chrisguy (chrisguy) 04 Грудня 2007
h3 for short

a overrated fps (first person shooter) on xbox360
dude#1...."dude i finally got halo 3 yesterday"
dude#2...."i bet you suck"
dude#3...."that game is overrated"
додав angryPCgamer 09 Грудня 2008
One of the most overrated FPS games of all time. It had strong beginnings with the release of Halo: CE and Halo 2. But like all great things they will come to and end. Halo 3's creators focused on nothing but details in the third installment of the trilogy. The game was ruined due to the lack of improvements and innovations to the core components of gameplay. Also it's strongest feature ,popularity, is leading to its downfall. It's multiplayer is plauged by prepubescent teens and children. Also Microsoft and MLG (among others) has used Halo for one thing. Profit. It's quickly becoming the Star Wars of our generation and I wouldn't be suprised to see the word 'Halo' on a cereal box or Halloween costume in the not too distant future.
Although the Halo Trilogy has a very strong fan base much like Star Wars and LOTR and will go down as one of the pioneering FPS games on a console and the PC due to it's once great story, single player experience and multiplayer.
Dan :Dude have you heard about Halo LEGO?

Kevin :Yeah, it's just another way for Microsoft to rake in the dough...we're such consumer whores.


Chris: Man, I miss the good old days when Halo 2 had that new game smell and the multiplayer was dominated by mature young adults and teens. Halo 3 just aint the same.

Mike: Yeah, the good ol' days...*sob*
додав Mr. Kline 12 Березня 2008
A massively overhyped game that made all of the WoW addicted, can't stop talking about that kill last night douchebags at my school practically orgasm. Despite popular belief, Halo 3 is not the best game in the world, the only thing it brought to the party was the "through the helmet visor" view. I can assure you based off the first one, if you play it on legendary, you are playing the original doom on ultraviolence except with better graphics and it's not classic worthy.
Please note that REAL gamers see it as a game and NOT one to be obsessed over. As long as you don't obess over it, your fine.
Someone: Halo 3 omg lets have a xbox live party.
Theothersomeone: Dude, no.
Someone: OMG u hate halo ur a douche blah blah blah i'm a faggot blah blah blah.
додав easybutton 12 Жовтня 2007
Probably the most overrated game of all time.
"Wow, I bought this......Halo 3 is not worth my time or money. I got divorced for THIS?!"
додав TheJoker1991 :) 13 Серпня 2008
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