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An odd but strangely compelling song sung by the "Hamsters". They even have an album, how freaky is that? It gets stuck in your head, oh yes it does...dee ba dee ba...
Dee be dee ba doh doh...
додав Rob S 15 Лютий 2004

Слова пов'язані з Hamster Dance

duplicate hamsterdance repeat repetitious safe deposit superfluous
To start a thread on a message board which has previously been started by others.

Derived from the ubiquitous YouTube "Hamster Dance" videos.
"HAMSTERDANCE!!! We talked about Sarah Palin's plastic tits yesterday, dumbass. Why don't you pay attention?"
додав Carrite 4 Листопад 2008
It's just like safe deposit, except with any live or formerly live rodent. Doing this may cause you're bitch to dance.
That bitch was dancing all night, must have had some hamster dancing.
додав Scroto Hoebaggins 20 Листопад 2004
This evil, evil song makes every annoying song in history seem good. The hamsters are evil! EVIL! DO NOT LISTEN TO THE HAMSTERS!
Think of dancing hamsters.
додав PatamonKid 17 Лютий 2004