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A folk originating in Finland of whom are proud. Tall, blond hair, and blue eyes are prevalent traits. Draw vague lines between alcoholics and good partiers. None the less possibly the most intelligent people yet the most stubborn. They kick ass in any sport because of their roots. Often, considered crazy (along with the rest of the Finns) spend hours in saunas only to jump in the snow. Because of this their startled body would give them such a rush that their athletic ability would be compared to that of a lion, a cougar, and an agitated mother opossum by many very famous historian. The life span of most Hanninen's can average 95 years, which many historians related to the enormous amount of old things accumulated through their life that have slowly become part of the habitat in which they live creating an atmosphere similar to a sauna of which Hanninen's are comfortable, increasing their lifespan. Once again verry stubborn people so if a Hanninen is right, a Hanninen is right.
Watch carefully as the Hanninen selects its prey. After careful delibe-look! there it goes! Fascinating creature, the Hanninen, unique, watch it during the day as it searches for food and gargae sales yet never seems to sleep. What is most intruiging too is that it seems that mating season seems to be year round-blimey
додав Liam H 05 Листопада 2006
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