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intellectually superior then 99% of population
hemang is smarter then you
додав Jack the Lad 01 Грудня 2004
An Indian boy who often gives out food, mainly of the ‘Percy pig and friends variety’ and other tastys. He is always injured but then turns up to play and when asked why replys 'root'. This is a very common aspect among Hemangs, they always seem to be saying either 'root' or 'oot'. They say this with increasing vigour and when things get very intense they start to mix them up e.g.'root oot oot'. This is suspected to be their native language, and if asked nicely after they have calmed down and stopped 'rooting' will probably explain it. They are always in a hurry and often bustle into a room, rush around and then run out again. This is suspected to be them marking their territory. Another typical trait of a Hemang is that when presented with food, they always pile as much onto their plate as possible, then once seated (this is usually after more rooting and fruitless bustling) he attempts to demolish it all; he then leaves most of it. This is suspected to be them storing food for the winter and other fasting events. They also have an extraordinary aversion to razors, as they seem to amass extraordinary amounts of facial hair. We think this is a sign of their male prominence and that they can re produce. They are also very hard working and possibly have an aversion to sunlight as they spend so much time inside.All in all they are a strange specimen and need much more examination; I hope that any other rootoligists who study this specimen will write about their own discoveries.
Rootoligist - Oh my god!! i can see a hemang

Hemang - Here have some food

Rootoligist - um er thank you

Hemang - Ive got lots of work to do now
(rushes off muttering things about elephants with lots of arms)
Hemang (distantly)- root oot oot
додав The Hair Bear 18 Жовтня 2009
(v.)1. to advance or encroach sexually upon
2. to take to guidance

(n.) 1. a sexual predator
2. A manstache
3. One who loves Cheryl and 52"+ breasts
(v.)1. Don't Hemang me like that! It makes me uncomfortable!
2. If you keep up that encroachment, I might have to Hemang you.

(n.) 1. That Hemang was giving me a creepy sideways glance...
2. Oh, his thick, bushy Hemang is SO sexy!
3. "Oh, Hemang. You never stop with the sweet lovin'," said Cheryl.
додав MC Triangle 09 Травня 2008
Hemang and intelligent fellow with big penus
Hemang is intelligent and has big penus
додав Jack the Lad 01 Грудня 2004
a man that is very agreeable.....everything he says if of worth and cannot be disputed!!
Kunal: she is sooooo choooong
Hemang: Agreed!

додав Bob Kesava 20 Січня 2008
a guy hu is short. reminds me of a monkey. thats y we call him heymonkey.
when we fisrt met him he was wearin a BRIGHT PINK tracksuit!....coo coo
додав GaUtAm BhAbI 19 Жовтня 2003
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