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Chocolate covered almonds
Do you have any japooties?
додав Eeveelyn 8 Лютий 2012
(pl) - Chocolate Covered Almonds
I went to the supermarket and got a box of Japooties, then I went home and played Donghammer on the XBox 180.
додав Frock Donghammer 8 Лютий 2012
Chocolate covered almonds
"While you were gone Mom, Dad and I ate japooties!"
додав deepwank 8 Лютий 2012
A term for chocolate covered almonds!
Frock went to the local superstore to get some Japooties!
додав lolzzzz! 8 Лютий 2012
Chocolate covered almonds.
Daddy, what are these candies? Why don't we have them all the time?

These, Frock, are japooties.
додав thompsonboy 8 Лютий 2012
A woman's (Female at birth) vagina.
Hey honey, is your japooty done bleeding so I can commence with the pounding?
додав Rumpobrush 19 Червень 2007