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(adj.) The epitome of creepiness often resulting in various forms of sexual harassment, severe uneasiness, restraining orders, and the urge for spontaneous uncontrollable vomiting for members of the opposite sex.
What the hell is that guy's problem?!? He keeps staring at my ass, ughhhh... he's got some serious Jerry-ness.

An overweight, balding, middle-aged man was working out at Planet Fitness in his complimentary white PF T-shirt that he wears everytime he steps foot in the gym that he somehow believes is being used to show off his 250lb solid fat physique, and while he tells everyone within a 50ft radius how their form is off despite him not being able to perform a single pull-up, he then catches a glimpse of a female on an eliptical machine, which causes him to drop everything he is doing and instantaneously flip the switch into hardcore creep mode where his jerry-ness will cause him to uncontrollably stare at a girl (regardless of age or how far out of his league she may be) to the point of creepiness nirvana where the victim will usually either run for help or kill herself in an attempt to escape said stare of Jerry-ness and Mr. Creeper himself with be in complete contempt in embracing his off the charts Jerry-ness.
додав italmafia1 11 Червня 2010
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