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The central underlying point or what is happening in a porn movie.
I only had to watch Star Whores for 7 minutes to get the jizzt of what was going to happen.
додав Mr. Sneakers 14 Грудень 2009

Слова пов'язані з Jizzt

jizz adult basis gist idea jissit jizzit meaning nitty gritty porn quintessence sex visit
Exactly like "gist," but slightly more immature and so much more satisfying (kind of like your mom last night).
Person 1: "So then I said to her that I wasn't and then she said that I was and then I'm like no and then she's like yes and then I donkey punched her in the mouth. It's a confusing situation."
Person 2: "Nah, it's okay, I got the jizzt."
додав gwenniebelle 1 Липень 2009