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A jog boy is a person who does extremely zoggish things. Sometimes he likes to put longboard trucks and wheels ona regular skateboard because he thinks it is "savage". He also likes to sit in front of the computer and play "Wolf Team" all day in hopes of getting paid for playing it. Another definition would be a young teen who likes to play with his dog cooper and getting extremely "physical" sometimes resulting in the "red rocket" or the "lipstick". Sometimes he puts this "lipstick" on his lips....literally.
"Brooks is such a Jog Boy."
"I know, he jacks off coop all day!"
додав The anit-zog 27 Січень 2009

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A Boy Who Jogs On. Less Offensive Word For Cunt. Also Can Be Used For One Who Jogs On Often
"Cloughy you fucking jogboy"
додав Tom Clough 12 Березень 2008