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is very book smart but has no common sense nor direction, prideful, hard-headed, will lie to please you...basically a bullshitter
Don't be Joh and pull out you GPS
додав mj2se 7 Лютий 2010
24 17
A greeting. Similar to "Yo!" Can also be used to agree to something.

Often used in context with juh
Person: "This exam is going to be the worst thing I have ever written"
You: "Joh"

Friend walks in the room
You: "JOH!" or "Whats up joh!"
додав Bex and Sky 20 Квітень 2008
12 5
JJ's. Used to be a common room. Now it's a common bar. Not like Boobah.
додав Anonymous 18 Жовтень 2003
0 0
Jack Off Hair. When a girl has long silky hair....
Hey Keith, that girl has some serious JOH...
додав CCW II 20 Лютий 2009
2 8