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a bank robber from the great depression. he was classy and suave and had great wits. known for wearing disguises. way more badass than other bank robbers at the time like baby face nelson and pretty boy floyd. he was recently played by johnny depp in the movie "public enemies" he died at 31 by being gunned down by FBI agents, after leaving a movie theater. he died how he lived: all of a sudden.
john Dillenger is the defintion of a badass
додав shane dawsons army 3 Серпень 2009

Слова пов'язані з John Dillenger

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A funny first and last name (not a real person) refering to the male genitalia. See Dick
Do you want to see my John Dillenger? Put your John Dillenger inside me. I have a large John Dillenger.
додав Hikuru 10 Лютий 2010