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Juhani is a guy with a huge penis. Can also describe a good looking guy.
Orgin: legend tells about a guy named Juhani who possesed an gigantic penis. First spottet in the boys locker room after gymclass. No records can be found on this magestic penis
My cock is so Biiig that my name could be Juhani!
додав flowlabero91 26 Січень 2011
Finnish men name.

Finnish pronunciation sound like in English:
You-honey /juˈhʌni/.
Juhani is a common Finnish male given name.
додав A finnish boy 25 Листопад 2010
red dragon
I saw a juhani in my dreams!
додав Eunji Choi 28 Січень 2004
A polite name for retard, could also be used as a synonym for atavism.
equals the phrase "flipping the bird" for giving the finger
You are such a Juhani
додав Anonymusretard1 23 Жовтень 2012