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A sexy police officer who pulls you over and wants to do you in the back of the Rover.
I was doin' a buck in the latest drop, and I got stopped by a lady cop. She got me thinkin' I could date a cop.
додав B.D.E. 24 Січень 2009

Слова пов'язані з Lady Cop

freak girlfriend holla nummies police sex sexy stalker wife your mom
A girlfriend or woman whom you've slept with that checks up on you frequently via,text,pop-up or phone calls

Any girl that you laid it down on ,and the sex was good and she likes knowing if your giving it to some other woman
Damn your phone goes off alot :It's my "lady cop" woman checking up on her "Dick"
додав DetroitEatsSouls 20 Листопад 2013