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In Thailand (khatooey), a Transexual . A Male who looks and lives as a young woman. Often post-operative.
I Don't Care if that's a Lady Boy, he's HOT!
додав Haiti PI 19 Вересень 2007
78 37
a transvestite - a boy acting lilke a bitch, ie wearing bitch clothes and make-up
Jack is a lady-boy for wearing a mini-skirt
додав rickstar 5 Березень 2003
66 58
See Sessshomaru for details. >_<;
додав MedievalKenieval 31 Серпень 2003
43 56
Thai family tradition that one male son become a Lady-Boy
Oh shit this club is full of boxing Thai Lady-Boys
додав chrus 31 Травень 2003
40 53
Drink consisting of a Baileys, a gin and tonic and a pint of lager.
A drink one might order at a travel tavern.
додав LoopyL 4 Травень 2005
90 137
A hermaphrodite who is half lady, half boy, and all gay. They tend to drive around in big pedophile vans and trick children inside with promises of cakes and cookies.
A Ladyboy is an optimal prostitute, they can pleasure both men and women at the same time and are always ready for the kinky stuff.
додав Bremner0510 20 Січень 2011
18 78
a feminine girly man who couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. A male with female qualities who behaves in a womanly manner. One who is a bitch. One who gets laughed at constantly.
Sal is known as the ladyboy of the internet.
Vitale is a ladyboy.
додав boss s 6 Вересень 2007
148 208