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Home fire/Hearth fire.

Supernatural glimmering creature associated with hearth fires which take care of the well-being of the entire home. Flame/Light.

A name.
Lokke's flame licks the cast iron pot, causing it to bubble and boil.

The fire flickered against the walls in such a beautiful way as if Lokke was hard at work to create them.

Lokke is an eccentric person.
додав Datura 9 Травень 2008

Слова пов'язані з Lokke

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1.) To lurk around or conspiciously prowl.

2.) To be constantly "Bout it" or willing to fight.
1. Jamal lokked around the co'na sto'
a. Jamal was lokkin around the sto'.

2. Im a lokked out gangsta..
додав FLiP 5 Листопад 2004