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A greeting, similar to hello
"Lopey, dude"
додав chrispoole 23 Квітень 2010
4 5
A form of greeting, akin to hello.
Person 1: Hey man
Person 2: Lopey.
додав Aargragargle 23 Квітень 2010
4 5
Sloppy, slow, lack of neatness.
Ford is the fastest domestic manufacturer, with a 25.7-hour average. GM is next, with 26.8; and DiamlerChrysler pulls up the rear with a lopey 31.3 hours per
додав Anonymous 16 Квітень 2002
6 7
When someone does something to make you not like them.
He is going to lopey her by bullying that other kid so she will probably dump him.
додав Rnr 7 Січень 2014
0 2
Nickname and term of endearment for the mythical creature, the Jackalope.
Lopey paused, scratching his antlers as he looked out over the prairie. Seeing nothing but a sea of waving grass in the distance, he hopped happily onward.
додав Daynomite!! 30 Березень 2011
3 6