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The totally gorgeous wife of Gerard Way (the lead singer of My Chemical Romance) and the bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence. She currently lives in West New York, New Jersey with her husband. Her trademark is her famous backbend she does at most shows, and her clothing style- she wears mini skirts, fishnets and highheeled boots. She also has several tattoos.
Lyn-Z and Gerard are an awesome couple. Anyone who thinks she sucks is a fucking asshole. She is very nice and they are in love. Deal with it.
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додав xxx_ember_xxx 10 Березня 2008
Lyn-Z, born as Lindsey Ann Ballato on May 22, 1979, is the extremely talented and very beautiful bass player of the incredible techno-punk band Mindless Self Indulgence, which she joined in 2001. She can complete impressive back bends while playing the bass and crowd surfs in most of her MSI shows. Lyn-Z recently married her longterm love, Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance (also known as the greatest alternative band ever).

"This band has worked our fucking asses off for 10 fucking years. We should play no matter what - sick, broken, we still played. Iv'e cried my eyes out before I've walked out on stage and still put on a performance that I was proud of. A lot of this comes back to my desire to inspire, particularly women, because when I was a kid and going to punk rock shows, there weren't any girls on stage playing instruments that weren't there as a pretty prop. Girls that weren't afraid to get their make-up smeared and look sweaty.. To be fearless and make the stage their own. It's what gets me out of bed in the morning. To suddenly have that all taken away from me, and become 'the wife of', is without a doubt the most disappointing and fucking heartbreaking thing that could ever happen, because it's exactly the opposite of what I stand for. It's not only detrimental to me as a person, but the message that this fucking conveys to the girls that come to see us play is 'You can work your ass off for ten years and you can be amazing, but at the end of the day you will simply be who you're married to. Is this nineteen-fucking-fifty-three?" - Lyn-Z
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додав BrookeB 12 Червня 2008
The sexy, sexy bass player of Mindless Self Indulgence. Thooo thexy.
I am running off to Massachusetts (sp?) to marry the sexiest woman in the world!
додав LynZ Mullin-Malakian 07 Травня 2004
1.Noun :Bassist for MSI. Also married to Gerard Way
2.Verb:standing and Bending very far backwards while playing guitar, or bass, or just randomly.
1: "lyn-z is SO AWESOME
2:"Oh my god! she just did a Lyn-z"
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додав Darth Puggious 07 Листопада 2008
a hot female musician
"that band would be alright if only they had a lyn z!"
додав sal 01 Жовтня 2003
LynZ is the bassist in the band MSI (mindless self indulgence) she first joined the band for a joke and couldnt actually play bass atall.
Her real name is Lyndsey Ann Ballato. she recently changed it to Lyndsey Ann Way after marrying MCR frontman Gerard Way. She is the mummy 2 baby Bandit Lee Way.
Sometimes used 2 describe someone bending over bakcwards.
OMG did she does do a LynZ!
#lynz #way #msi #chicken #baby #gerard
додав MCR-forever-emo-never 28 Червня 2009
the bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence. Alongside former Coal Chamber bassist Nadja Peulen, is the hottest Bass player in the world today.
Lyn Z is hotter than jimmy.
#mindless self indulgence #msi #jimmy urine #bass #sexy
додав KamikazeDeadboy 23 Січня 2006
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