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Mang is a Rock band out of the Pacific Northwest....Come check out their website and SEE just what MANG is....
I got Mang's new CD...nah nah nah nah nah nah.....
додав Music is my life 20 Лютий 2004
8 32
Mang is a religion
I prayed to the Mang gods daily
додав Logan alphred 3 Грудень 2003
12 36
A quick way of saying male G string.
"Holy shit, I put on a mang for my girlfriend for Valentines; I was pulling it out of my ass for days after"
додав the_random_hero_drew 15 Лютий 2009
1 26
1. What Peter Hu says
2. What people with dots on their forhead says.
Hey mangs, do you want to talk about hot girl at skoo?
додав kool kid 8 Січень 2005
34 60
This is how uneducated illegal beaners (Mexicans) say the word "Man".
A illegal alien calls the customer service of a collection agency. He says to the customer service male rep:

"Mang, I forgot to make my paymeng".

or Let's say you dance salsa better than Mexicans and they become surprised and ask you: "Mang, where are you frong?"
додав joe_vic 10 Липень 2008
37 65
hard to understand (mangled); unexpected; unforeseen.
(only used in a negative context)
"Mang!". (you wake in the morning to find your genitals have been tampered with)
додав Mark Warbzzurgg 10 Січень 2006
2 30
the act of performing mung on a pregnant chick...
i totally wanna mang that bitch
додав Cthulhu Will Rise 27 Липень 2004
4 33