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It is the vaginal fluid that drips out after a lesbian couple has performed oral pleasure on each other at the same time while eating mangos (aka lesbo 69). It is a milky fluid made up of saliva, the existing fluid in the vagina, and chunks of mango. The vagina tastes like mango and usually bits of mango get stuck inside the vagina. If you know a lesbian, ask her to save some next time she's headin south. It goes great on burritos.
"Mmm that bitch got me loads of that mango chutney and it was delicious. Don't be afraid of the chutney bro."
додав King Alex 22 Лютий 2008

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chunks chutney chutny eating out grapes mango mango chutny vaginal fluid
a thick gooey substance consisting of faeces and "man goo".
додав McBogans 8 Липень 2003