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Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Mike Patten lives and works in Montréal. He holds a BFA in painting and drawing with a minor in art history from the University of Regina. Recently, Patten's work was seen in Regina in a solo project entitled "The Celebrity Series" at Neutral Ground.
For more information on Mike Patten, please refer to his personal website at mikepatten.ca
додав Michael Patten 27 Вересень 2005
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canada montréal québec regina saskatchewan visual artist
I think he spelled it patton
Mike Patton does Ipecac records
додав mama lucien 26 Березень 2005
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the great singer from Faith no More
Mike Patton was rocking out while the goldfish croaked
додав mama lucien 25 Березень 2005
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Mike Patten is the bassit and singer of the band Achluo; Irish, big nosed person.
Mike Patten played at the Achluo concert.
додав Mike Patten 27 Лютий 2005
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