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1.) a young, sweet child star from the show Hannah Montana
2.) a bat-shit, crazy young adult that likes to twerk and swing naked on a wrecking ball
1.) Miley Cyrus is going to announce that she is really Hannah Montana!
2.) Oh God, why did this happen? What happened to the good Miley? Miley Cyrus needs to get some clothes on.
додав TheWTF Lady 3 Лютий 2014
A schizophrenic brat who believes she has an alter ego named "Hannah Montana". Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and the third worst mistake in the history of Earth - next to Tom Cruise flicks and McDonald's - Miley Cyrus is a Disney icon who makes all her money off of CDs and movies purchased by prepubescent girls and pedophiles. Contrary to her innocent appearance and lyrics, Miley Cyrus is actually a little whore who poses nude for Vanity Fair and takes cell phone pictures of her in wet t-shirts. She controls the minds of young girls and will someday turn them against us, leading to the apocalypse we fear.
Little Girl: "OMG, I LOVE Miley and Hannah Montana! They rock!"
Sane Being: "Oh, FUCK no!" *shoots girl*


Gossip Magazine: "Miley Cyrus was found stepping out of a car spreading her legs, allowing us to see her thong and the contents behind it."
додав Pink Arsenic 16 Серпень 2009
there's so many ways to describe her, but the easiest is to say the biggest try-hard-failure-slut. Miley used to be a cute 12-year-old on Hannah Montana, but i guess the fame got to her. Her parents got divorced because of her, so they obviously need to be doing a better job at parenting. they better be careful, because i would hope that they don't want any of their other kids turning out like their whore older sister.
Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas, Miley Cyrus! I mean, that is what you are, right? a Ho, Ho, Ho. Let's see what you asked for on your Christmas list. Some lingerie... some guys... and a pole! Well isn't that just wonderful, you little disney channel star?
додав Chimbalicious 4 Вересень 2011
Never figured out why she became famous - can't act and can't sing. Watched 15 minutes of her Hannah Montana and decided to go jack off instead.

She is perhaps the worst role model for any kids I have ever seen, isn't it kind of funny how parents frown upon teens/kids watching porn but lets them watch Hannah Montana. My sister watched a few episodes of it then she started wearing short short skirts like Miley - last time she was allowed to watch it again.

Her acting skills consists of being stupid, loud, and obnoxious to get the attentions of the ill fated 4-10 year old audience that's watching her.

LOVES attention, and she gets it by doing dumb ass things that she know will ensure her time on TV and media like - smoking a bong, going out in public without panties, wearing 5 lbs of make up, short short skirts, take inappropriate pictures doing porn-like activities and justifying it as a mistake and that she is "still young and immature".

I've figured out what Miley Cyrus was born to do - Porn industry. I've watched her show and listened to her music, both sucked and shouldn't be allowed to publish. If she appears in a porn video I would definitely watch it. Its about the only talent she has. She and Lindsay Lohan should make a movie together---

Once she hits 18 year old (and after a few adult parties, drunk driving, cat fights, heroine overdose, kissing a few girls) - BAM! Porn movie.
Wearing short short skirt dancing poll dancing...

Parents of watching 5 year olds: WHY ARE YOU POLL DANCING YOU KNOW THERE IS KIDS WATCHING YOU - YOUR A BAD EXAMPLE ( gets publicized and all over the media)


Yeah, nice excuse. It's getting old though, better come up with a new one.

See Lindsay Lohan
додав MatureLilBoy 12 Лютий 2011
A slutty, disney channel, Tennessee pice of white trash. she has been changed by fame and disney channel... and is now a whore
That bitch is such a Miley Cyrus
додав itellthetruthbitches 18 Квітень 2010
Noun: Girl with no talent. Her songs suck, famous cause of her dad, she thinks she's cool and loved by everyone, which is false, all of her songs are pure bullshit. Her voice sounds like a whale having sex on a beach and her face looks like an ass.
Look at that Miley Cyrus floating in the toilet.
додав LL2856 25 Червень 2009
A girl that was made famous at age 12 on the hit show, Hannah Montana, aired on Disney Channel. She was a huge hit among pre-teens & teens. Many say that she grew up too fast when she started wearing more revealing clothes. Truth is, everyone was just used to her wearing sparkly, pink tops and the Hannah wig that they weren't prepared for that. She's not the only TEEN in the world that would wear that. Calling her a whore is completely unneccesary, due to the fact that she hasn't even had THAT many boyfriends. A whore is someone who sleeps around and has many sexual partners. Does that sound like Miley? No. She's human just like everyone else, and people just over analzye her because she's in the spotlight. And she smoked out of a bong with a LEGAL substance, OH MY GOD!! She is such a bad influence! NO! If your kids have good morals, they will know that they shouldn't be doing that. Most teens smoke weed all the time, and that's illegal. So come on people, leave her alone.
Over protective parent: Oh my gosh, did you see what Miley Cyrus was wearing the other day? Jeez, she needs to realize she influences kids, just like mine!

Me: Shut up bitch, if you teach your kids good morals, they'll grow up just fine.
додав Mileyisn'tawhore 26 Грудень 2011