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A small suburban town, located in San Mateo County, pop around 20,000. It is left of SFO airport and a few miles south of San Francisco. It is the last stop on BART in the SF Bay Area peninsula. The downtown area is located on Broadway and stretches to El Camino Real. The houses and residential area are all located in the hills or on the smaller east side of El Camino Real. It used to be a quiet old folks city and had a bowling alley and a movie theater, which were torn down long ago. Now it is becoming more commercialized with new stores ie Trader Joe's, Peet's Coffee, Quickly's (where all the high school kids used to go afterschool), and of course In-n-out. The schools are Mills High School, Taylor Middle School, and a whole lot of elementary schools. Education is top-notch here, even though our highschool looks like a factory.

Crime is low, but it happens here and there. But mostly it's just surburban wannabe gangstas driving around in their civic rice rockets or redneck pickup trucks. It's basically the Asian version of Whiter Burlingame which lies south. To the north is San Bruno which is comprised more of Hispanics. Since African Americans are hard to find here, the Somoans and Tongans are usually all on the football team.

Non-locals usually don't know what or where Millbrae is, but it is my hometown, and it is ideal if you want to live in a quiet town near The City.
Me: I'm from Millbrae.

Non-local: Where?

Me: Mill-brae.

Non-local: Huh?

Me: ... San Francisco.

Non-local: OOOHHHHH.
додав bayareaninja 24 Червня 2006
A lazy town of 22,000 or so in the suburbs of San Francisco. Local Landmarks include The Little Cesears and Walgreens, alot of people go "downtown" and think they are 1337 because they are at Jamba Juice. Home of the famous mudslide in 1999/2000 that made international headlines...
Person Number One: I live in Millbrae
Person Two: oh, i read about that online

Person Number One: lets go "downtown" after skool
Person Number Two: lets go the the Ceas and get a Large for 5 bucks.

Nah, i only got 3 bucks on me?
fine, lets go jack some stuff from Walgreens
додав Rolod 28 Березня 2005
a small bay area city 10 minutes away from san fransisco bay and south of burlingame and san mateo. commonly and stereotypically called millbrasia, due to the large asian population that lives in there. students usually go to Mills high school or private school.

Some cool people live in Millbrae.
додав Kill_the_Hipsters 06 Травня 2007
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