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A great borough, located between London an Birmingham and comprising of the towns Bletchley, Wolverton, Stony Stratford and Newport Pagnell. Ignorant outsiders often mock MK, mistaking it as just the shopping centre and crying because a simple grid system is too hard for their special little brains.

Most people are jealous of Milton Keynes, resorting to abusing a place where people live, You'd think they had better things to do? A main focus when "slaggin off" MK is that we lack history, seeing as we are a NEW town I believe the enigma at bletchley park, the birth of the phrase "cock and bull story" and the ROMAN, yes roman, villa's at Bancroft are a start for history.

MK can also boast many lakes, woodland areas, parks and an extensive redway system. Pubs and Clubs are also in abundance, with many on canal side or overlooking pleasant views. There are things to do for everyone, for example, an indoor ski slope, two multiplex cinemas (one being the first in Europe) a theatre, many leisure centres, the national hockey stadium, the national badminton centre, stadium:MK, the bowl, an indoor ice rink, (with a hockey team that has won the English Premier Ice Hockey League 5 seasons running) a theme park for children, a wakeboarding centre as well as a vast selection of restaurants set in amazing scenery and much more.

Basically, the people who live here love it and are happy to live here. You people who want to slag it off don't live here, you don't have to come here (oh but you do for our great shopping) so just get a life. :D
ignorant outsider: "My brain cannot cope with the simple fact that up and left is the same as left and up!"
Person from MK: It's just a grid system
ignorant outsider: "Well, Milton Keynes has... no... soul... yes, soul.
Person from MK: Jealous much?
додав Sam JB 03 Січня 2008
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A city in England. Home of the concreate Cows, lots of trees and a friggin awesome shopping center, PLUS many amazing people who all love Nigerians
"Im off to Milton Keynes next week end"
"Oh? How utterly amazing! Say hi to the Cows for me."
додав A box of Crackers Please 08 Лютого 2010
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