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to eat with great passion or to eat really quickly or to devour
im gonna mogg the shit out of my food
додав stonerdudefoodlover 29 Січень 2010
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1)The decaying internal matter of a deceased young female propelled out of her 'lower regions' (thanks helen) by a 'moggee' into the mogger's mouth
alex-"Brooke, you're mogg"
alex,(dazed and concussed)-"OK, you're not mogg"
додав alex blows donkeys 6 Вересень 2003
The person recieving the mogg.
No! It's my turn to be mogger!
додав GoodKittenGoneBad 27 Березень 2003
The result of mogging.
I'm hungry, lets go get some mogg.
додав GoodKittenGoneBad 27 Березень 2003
swinging kitty, hs skills
u have moggs skills
додав evilpoonani 28 Липень 2003
alex's favourite food

matt-hey alex...lets go grab tacos
alex- no hungry for mogg
kat- the moggee
matt-ok may kiss my shoe now alex
alex- ok....*kiss*
додав afro turtle 22 Вересень 2003
Slang, for the mogging parter.
Pronunciation: Mogg-E
I don't want to be moggee this week!
додав GoodKittenGoneBad 27 Березень 2003

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