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Noun. Slang word for money, especially that obtained by criminal, illegal, or generally shady practices, e.g. selling drugs, prostitution, slave trading. Can also mean a pay check while working as an illegal immigrant. Used first by people in the black market and the Mafia.

Additionally, To 'give someone the mudsack' generally means to pay someone for doing something sneaky for you that you didn't want to do yourself.
Jones: "So, Tommy, did you bring me the mudsack?"
Tommy: "Oh man! Jeez, I was too busy running away from the cops to pick it up!"
додав Studds 4 Серпень 2010

Слова пов'язані з Mudsack

cash change coins counter insult dough insult money moolah mud sack sack of mud shinies
Insult. The counter to Dirtbag.
Guy one: You dirtbag!

Guy two: Yeah? well you're a mudsack.
додав The Man Who Has the Comebacks 12 Січень 2010