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A cool bunch of radasses from a crackhead town. A lot cooler than you.
Hey did you see those mutha fuckas?

Ya, they sure are a bunch of hardasses!
додав A dawg 21 Березень 2005
Mother Fucker. Meaning a dickhead or friend.
Or rarely someone who fucks someone's mum.
"That mutha-fucka has pissed me off one too many times."
"What up, muthafucka?"
"That Mutha-fucka is rooting some MILF at the moment."
додав Diego 17 Серпень 2003
One who has sex with their mother
You mutha fucka
додав Chumpee 1 Вересень 2003
Word pertaning to having sexual intercourse with a female
I want to pheferino with that chick over there.
додав lennen 14 Березень 2005