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Aussie slang for Nitrous Oxide, typified by the ringing in the ears commonly experienced after a good solid huff or two.
"Things were kind of dragging until he busted out the nang-nang. Then it was on! We didn't leave that couch for two days."
додав Who the fuck ever 11 Лютий 2010

Слова пов'язані з Nang-nang

drinking food huffing nitrous smoking up some tank whippits zorb
A moron or person who is prone to doing foolish things.
Gore, you are such a nangnang.
додав Russellnz 20 Липень 2005
Food; An edible pick-me-up usually desired after a long night of drinking and smoking up.

Is usually preceded by the word "some. "
Dude, let's go get some nang-nang.

Who wants to ride with me to get some nang-nang?
додав John-John the Widowmaker 21 Липень 2004