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Word used to describe Derren Brown's right hand man/assistant and hairy friend - Coops. It caused a bit of a stir on the illusionist's fan forum when the lot of them tried to figure out what it meant, when it was discovered there was a mention of it on the credits of 'Trick of the Mind' or one of his shows. Google it and find out more. . .
'Coops is Derren's nobacherie'

Derren fan forum n00b: 'What does nobacherie mean?'

Forumites: *roll of eyes* and barrage of insults ensues...
додав derrenfan 25 Серпень 2006

Слова пов'язані з Nobacherie

c4 derren brown illusionist inspiration magic man obsession secret trick of the mind woman
woman who is the cause of both obsession and inspiration in a man
my nobacherie
додав !!! !!!!!! 28 Грудень 2011
A chimpanzee although the meaning has many other theories.
She is such a nobacherie.
додав <> 14 Квітень 2005