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A sweatshirt without a hood. A hoodie without a hood.
Nice noodie!
додав Math Class 31 Березень 2009
42 14
A sweatshirt without a hood. no hoodie = noodie. also called a sweater by the old people.
Damn gurl that's one nice college noodie you're wearing, can i get yo numba?
додав Moira peterson 11 Червень 2010
17 8
What dumb girls in Zeeland call hoodless sweatshirts. Rather than just saying sweatshirt so they look cool.
"Hey cool noodie, where did your mom get it Kmart?"
додав crewneck 8 Січень 2013
6 2
A sweatshirt without a hood. Often called a nood.
Broseph, so I was chillin' yesterday, just staring at my sick flow, and I remembered that I forgot my noodie at school.
додав bougeconnard 14 Грудень 2010
10 8
A crew neck sweatshirt, no-hoodie. Every Wednesday, noodies are celebrated by participating in Noodie Wednesday. They are superior to hooded sweatshirts.
What noodie are you going to wear on Wednesday? Probably my U of Miami noodie, its so much cooler than my sweatshirts.
додав luminoodies 14 Грудень 2010
6 8
A person who is nude. Used in l33t speak.
Send us noodie pix!
додав Mecal 15 Червень 2004
14 23