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The armpit of Washington, D.C. AKA "Nova" (not to be confused with the local Northern Virginia Community College, which is also known colloquially by that name), this suburban area is known for its excessive, endless traffic, regardless of the time of day, and for its extremely high quantity of generic douchebags wearing brown flip-flops. There isn't really a cultural vibe associated with this area, as a lot of the population is transplants from other places who moved there for business reasons (as opposed to NYC or Boston, for example). Therefore, it is overpopulated and sucks ass. However, you can always grab a cup of coffee at the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks.
Bob: Hey, look at that guy over there with brown flip-flops. He seems like a douche.
John: Yeah, I bet he's from Northern Virginia.

"We've got dudes in brown flip-flops, dudes in brown flip-flops- HOLY CRAP WHY ARE ALL THESE DUDES WEARIN' BROWN FLIP-FLOPS?????" -Remy in "The Arlington Rap," which talks about a specific city in Northern Virginia, but that particular part can be applied to the whole area.

Eric: There's nothing to do here, man...
Bob: Well, it's Northern Virginia, what do you expect?


James: Hey man, you wanna go to the Starbucks?
Billy: Which one?
James: The one in Arligton.
Billy: Dude, there are like 15 there.
James: The one at Ballston.
Billy: You mean the one in the mall, or the one right outside the mall?
James: Gahhhhhh I hate Northern Virginia!
додав t3h133t0str1ch 11 Квітень 2011
I have lived here forever with the exception of D.C. Pretty cool place to live if your not in the extremely rich make you feel broke areas like Ashburn, Countryside, Cascades, Chantilly, these areas are packed with rich kids that will piss you off as is the same with Tyson’s Corner. Loudoun County period is by far the worst. But everything past that is pretty cool. Alexandria, Falls Church, Arlington, Baileys Crossroads, and Skyline ect ect. Are pretty cool places if you’re not in the Ghetto Immigrant populated areas like Culmore and parts of West Falls Church and lomans plaza falls church . There is allot of Gang bullshit here but it’s mainly 18thst and MS13 Bullshit. There are allot of GD'S as well. But the gang shit isn’t really anything to worry about in my opinion ive lived here my whole life and only gotten stabbed once. Yes there are fine women its just too bad the good looking ones live in Ashburn and are rich and will piss you off. Personally I like D.C. and Baltimore a lot more. But its home here to me. Plus there is ALOT of good ass weed here especially in the rich areas.
I live in Northern Virginia

Im on a computer here in Northern Virginia
додав nshawn85 19 Квітень 2008
a place people love to hate on apparently LOL

a place that is actually pretty awesome..soooo everyone writing all those LONG hateful definitions should get a liiiiife
"I'm from northern virginia, & people...hate me for it?? Eff you, I love this place!"
додав clevereyecandy 1 Квітень 2008
Totally different from southern VA... Full of fake people who all only care about money. Teens are in cliques all they do is drink, smoke pot, do crack, have sex with one another sober and not. They think there life sucks when in reality it really doesn't. They just don't have goals and everything is given to them. Home of fake tans all year round. And don't really let newcomers in the cliques. I would know, i've lived here for a total of 9 yrs. (I lived other places this is by far the worst) Chicago(5yrs) was pretty good... Tennessee(3yrs) was pretty good to. But geez here it sucks.
northern virginia is filled with super rich parents who give there kids whatever they want when they want it. Also filled with teens who do whatever they want whenever they want.
додав Cali is loveeee 25 Березень 2008
The area of the Commonwealth of Virginia, with about 3 million people or so next to Washington DC, that should to do the rest of Virginia a favor and seceed to Maryland. It's an urban hell on earth and the epitome of urban sprawl gone ammock. Unlike the rest of Virginia, it is generally liberal, highly diverse, highly urbanized, a ridiculous cost of living, has ungodly traffic congestion, too much urban sprawl, a highly skilled and young workforce, and too many arrogant yuppies who live close to DC. The most jobs are in the Federal Government, high-tech firms, healthcare, law, and communications. Asians and Hispanics live everywhere. As much as Northern Virginia sucks, the best places to live are in Centerville, Chantilly and Leesburg. The people are very materialistic, fake, shallow, stuck up and think the country revolves around them. There is a megamall called Tyson’s Corner near the 495 Beltway that only rich people are allowed to patronize, and the regular middle-class ilk are mocked. The people are up in the clouds and often forget they are SOUTH of the Mason-Dixon line and part of the old Confederacy. It is northern Virginia that gives the state a bad name.
Northern Virginia should do the rest of the Commonwealth a favor and become Maryland. I lived there for a year about 3 years ago and hated everything about it.
додав krock1dk 27 Березень 2008
The part of virginia that supports all the other parts of virginia and gets nothing back. If we weren't part of virginia the rest of virginia would be screwed.
northern virginia is the only reason that virginia isn't a run down shitty state
додав nova is the best 11 Червень 2011
The most affluent and educated region in the nation. Generally refers to the Virginia portion of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area including the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun as well as the independent cities of Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax, Manassas, and Manassas Park. Several other outlying counties and cities can also be included such as Stafford and Fauquier Counties and the City of Fredricksburg. Having 2.6 million residents, it is the most populous region in Virginia, the Washington Metropolitan Area, and the Baltimore-Washington Combined Statistical Area. There are literally almost no ghettos or real crime. Do not move to this area if you make under a $100,000 salary or you will be considered poor. It is generally the Beverley Hills of the East Coast because it is not uncommon for 16 year olds to be driving brand new $60,000 BMWs and Mercedes. Mostly everyone is white and has everything they want. The region does not have international status as the most rich and educated due to surrounding jurisdictions trying to keep NoVA under wraps so it cannot become overpowering. People from Northern Virginia are literally better than everyone else.
Bobby: Hey babe. Sup? You look new. Where you from?
Melinda: You're kinda cute. I'm from Fairfax County, VA right outside DC in Northern Virginia. What about you?
Bobby: I'm from Suffolk, VA in the south.
Melinda: Oh sorry we could never date because you're automatically poorer and less-educated than me and everyone else in my area. kthnxbye:)!
Bobby: Oh man you're so right. Sorry for even talking to you. It's a privilege than anyone from NoVA would even grace my presence.
додав NoVA B!tch 6 Серпень 2011