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An out of touch male who is disconnected enough from the world to drive an old Ford. Believed to be a shortening of the descriptive sentence "Old Fucking Ford Driver".

The term is atypical of people of ginger descent, but can be applied to people not born into Red Power.

Whilst this person can be easily described as a "Douche Bag", it requires far too much energy for someone so far down the food chain.
Look at that retard driving down the road in that clapped out Fiesta. He's even playing Final Countdown loudly on the tape deck.............what a fucking Offord.
додав Monday-StayedIndoors 31 Липень 2009

Слова пов'язані з Offord

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A moronic typo made by people who cannot spell afford.
Ferdinand: Did you look up Pixy Stix?

Alexander: Yup, it said "a sugery powder inside a paper tube. for people who can't offord crack."
додав G. Rammar N. Azi 14 Грудень 2012