Fastest browser and lightest one I know of between IE7 and Firefox. People seem to underrate this browser, it's less than 8MB yet manages to hold a bittorent downloader, email client, magic wand features, and endless customization to the interface along with thousands of widgets and themes (skins) you can choose from on their site. Most stuff Firefox has or just added, has been intergrated with Opera for years.
Opera > Firefox > IE7
додав Underwater Ruins 10 Липня 2008
Probably the most effective torture tool for non deaf people. Invented in Italty back in the 16th century to spread joy and happiness, instead people got tinitus and paranoia.
Charlie: "I love opera."

Dan: "Go fuck yourself, Charlie!"
додав Finnflin 18 Лютого 2013
The sound of tortured gerbils screaming in a language nobody understands.
Bobby: What's that awful sound? It sounds like a dying animal!
Anna: Oh it's opera. Marriage of Figaro.
додав Sabsrabs awesomeness. 12 Серпня 2011
A web browser that if you are using, you cant read this.
Hey Opera users! What does this say? You don't know do you? DO YOU!?
додав mickey l brown 30 Січня 2008
A form of 'non-music' theater. Music wasn't invented until 1980 odd with the creation of rap.

Women weren't allowed on stage during Shakesphere times which is when most old people today came from. So all the women in bikinis, riding in the cars in each opera'like you see on MTV were really men! Which means non-heterosexuals enjoy this.

Those creatures on strange pierce the ears of anyone apart from the deaf old people that listen to this. Only old people like opera and all old people are deaf. Coincidence? If they had rap to listen to when they were younger, maybe they would be living normal lives pinpim' thier rides and hoes and shooting one another. Instead of watching castrated gay men. The tennors sing (NOT rap!?!?!) at a high pitched voice which means they are gay and thus disobeying the word of god and therefore it is your duty of moral Catholics to burn them using sticks of fire.

Opera can be distingused by it's lack of turntables, abense of flow and non-gangsta style lyrics. Opera also consisted of very few black people because everyone was racist back then and all the black 'singers' weren't allowed to wear the same pretty hats as the white scum we allow to share our air.

Most Opera tells a FAKE story because it is all a staged play unlike Vanilla Ice who speaks from the street and from the heart. The story is written by an old person that doesn't even know what 'shiznit' means (Yes, some people are that uneducateded.)

This is every Opera song.
That isn't rap! That's just noise! To all you old people who were born before 1970 and saw the big bang happening. Get some real music like Nelly and forget this so-called 'musicial theater' ever existed. Theater is for old, wrinkled art people anyway who don't like girls. Do rappers do theater? No, they do movies because everybody likes 'Cradle 2 the Grave" except my mother but she is dead now.
Opera Fan: @MG! 1 l0\/3 0p3R@. T|-|3rE i5 |\|o R@pP1nG 1|\| 17!
Music Fan: Have you heard of Ludacris?
Opera Fan: ...33rr..y35, h3 15 @ r4....
Music Fan: HA! You haven't even heard of Ludacris! You are such a noob! I bet your a virgin just like you're birth mother!
додав Real Gangsta in da House 11 Липня 2005
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