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Best place in Auckland and full off humble, nice & caring people but when it comes to violence.. Aw sole you better watch it aye
So you must be from otara?,
Excuse me while I get ready to run
додав james tam 23 Січень 2013
A place to go if you wanna find the hottest brown boys ever ! , they may not be hard out gangsters , but they are pretty hood . The ghetto of south auckland , holding the flyest , skuxx guys ever , with mean swag . They always dress fresh , with the new style kicks . dang , south auckland brown boys are HOT ! , so Otara , the place to go if you wanna hook up with hot brown boys
girl 1 : what'd you do on the weekends ?

girl 2 : oh my gosh , i went to Otara ! so many hot brown boys !

girl 1 : aw aye !? shit you needr take me with you next time

girl 2 : yeah sure thang !
додав Otara chick <3 10 Лютий 2012