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Someone who eats pussy.
Do you know that guy over there?
Ofcourse, his "second" name is Peater.

Every woman in town "knows" him...
додав stamatist 28 Лютий 2010

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One who pees and eats excessively.
student 1: "Hey did you see how Morgan ate an entire cake during fifth period?"

student 2: "Yeah, and then I saw her pee her pants immediately afterward. She's such a peater."
додав i_just_ate_a_really_good_apple 14 Січень 2010
a peater is one to describe a person like Ryan pittman. A kid who is cheap and mooches off everyone and gets mad
hey peater stop humping ginger
додав Humphrey Stamos 28 Лютий 2005