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Creepy. Describes a middle-aged guy who stares too much and doesn't realize that young girls aren't interested in him. A step below a stalker.
The thing she hated most about the bus were the stares from the pervy guy.
додав mandingoe 19 Квітень 2004
207 97
Lightheartedly perverted, charmingly perverted. One step below kinky.
Shall we have regular sex, or would you like to be a bit pervy today?
додав robotmad 4 Січень 2007
127 57
Someone who is perverted, always thinking about or trying to get sex.
Pervy was hittin on all the hoes last night!
додав crazyfock 7 Листопад 2003
110 55
(adj.) Another word for "perverted"
When Dennis did that strip-club-dance at the school, all the kids thought he was pretty pervy.
додав MLIA2 8 Лютий 2010
33 18
Used to describe a person who enjoys perving or drooling over people, and thinks about sex every second of the goddamn day.
Danny, you pervy bastard. Stop staring at my penises!!

додав BeckyxBoo 29 Вересень 2006
53 38
The act of being like a certain Ms. Fallas.
WHOA!!! That girl is sooooooo pervy.
додав apersonwhoshallremainnamelessA 7 Березень 2010
14 13
A plastic or wooden horse who says dirty things and really wants to tickle people.
Pervy the horse, famous character of a super-popular web show which exists primarily to rate "which is cuter?", hosted by a man named Chris and his toy horses.
додав The Happy Hippies 17 Січень 2008
22 34