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"Pl~U~tonic" is often mistaken for "pl~A~tonic" whereby respective individuals are attracted but conscientiously abstain from sex.
Sooo ironically, a "Pl~U~tonic" relationship is one whereby the respective individuals shag each other crazy until too sore to continue!?!

Perfect examples of a "Pl~U~tonic" relationship are:

- when a couple meet, share Acorn coffee & are respectively topless & pantless in bed within 30 mins, soon massaging, then kissing & after passing out wake with her hands on his erect penis & proceed to fuck immediately

- directly after drinking too many milk based beverages & gorging respectively on steak & pancakes, the female follows the male home, clothes are magically but fortuitously removed & they fuck immediately; OR where the female proceeds directly to their own home but cannot shake the building desires that engross her every thought & eventually (within 48 hours is acceptable) invites the male over for Acorn coffee but really has the single, overwhelming need to fuck immediately, which of course happens in her "Princess & the Pea" 3 mattress bed

Generally, where a woman uses the word "Pl~U~tonic" it is purposeful & done so to basically advise the male "yeah, I'm dying to fuck the 'friend' out of you, lets lock it in for sometime soon though, OK!"

The word "Pl~U~tonic" is NEVER used by males except where referring to a situation where a female has used the word towards him...
Female (usually smoking hot & gagging for it!): "Let's not have sex & be "Plutonic (ploo-tonn-ick)" friends, OK"
Male: (says) "OK"
Male: (thinks) "I read ya 110%, you're not gonna shag my brains out (say) in my car while I drive around pretending to not find your car, but definitely soon"
додав Captain Plutonic 01 Травня 2013
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