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Awesome Porn site, much like that of Redtube, but 1000x better.
Redtube? pfft.
Pornhub, bitch!
додав Jon Wuh 23 Липень 2008
Greatest porn site ever.
I was on porn hub the other day and boy is my arm tired.
додав yeah...well... 29 Січень 2009
Website I go on when my parents aren't there
I'm addicted to pornhub
додав Cunt559 5 Січень 2013
the best porn on pornhub site ever
yo man did you see that new porn on pornhub??

no man I'm only faithful to this porn
додав simon111 5 Липень 2010
A site for porn where you get 5 free videos a day
On pornhub I found lesbian videos
додав Welchdude 5 Січень 2014
if you need to look this up, your gay and you should die.
guy 1- im going home to go on pornhub

guy 2- what the hell is pornhub?

guy 1- go die you gay fag
додав smpeeanrcser 11 Серпень 2011