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1) An advertising campaign/gimmick by the Pot Noodle company about people who blow huge horns when they want pot noodle.

2) Now synonymous in England with having a boner/stiffy/erection or being amorous or horny in any way.
Advert: "Do you have the Pot Noodle Horn?"

Veiwer: "lol, wut?"

Bob: "Man that girl was so hot, I had the pot noodle horn!"
додав lul, whuts? 21 Вересень 2008

Слова пов'язані з Pot Noodle Horn

horn noodle pot adverts food funny gimmick pot noodle synonymous teacher annoyer trumpet
the pot noodle horn is a horn thats perfect for annoying teachers all through the year especially history teachers. It is a school hero!
teacher: who killed JFK?
(pot noodle horn blows)
додав MrFrickerAnnoyer 14 Жовтень 2009
An odd gimick that seems to make no sense at all. Used in televised adverts and only suceeds in confusing the audience. The creation of Pot Noodle.
Pot Noodle failed when they invented the 'Pot Noodle Horn'.
додав lordpestilence 13 Липень 2005