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Doing something similar to that of an action that House would do.

(House, like the TV show starring Hugh Laurie)

Pulling a house usually involves making something that most people would consider miserable into a guessing game, or very simple, like house does in the show. He makes curing people of life-threatening illnesses like a guessing game, attempting to guess waht's wrong with them, and the most accurate way to cure them, not nessicarily causing the least pain. (physical or emotional)

It could also be knowing something that no one else knows, and instead of giving them hints or clues of any sort, you sit back and watch them struggle to come up with an answer. When they give you an answer, you simply smile to yourself because you know that they'll never figure it out, and tell them that they're wrong with the satisfaction of knowing that you're smarter or just better than them in general, much like House did in a recent episode.

However, you may only "pull a House" if you watch te television show "House", becuase if you don't, you can't really understan what "pulling a House" is.
Person that is pulling a House: "I know something you don't know!"

Other people: "What is it?? Give us a hint!"

Person pulling a House: "nope, figure it out yourself."

(I know that isn't a very good example, but its difficult to explain.)
додав marylovesmusic21 2 Грудень 2006
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