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1. The special equipment unit in the James Bond novels and films by Ian Fleming. They provide all manner of outlandish gadgets, often of a bizarre and highly destructive nature.

The unit's head is known as "Q" and was portrayed in many of the films by actor Desmond Llewelyn (2nd film to the 19th).

2. By inference, a specialised higly technical department within a much larger organisation, often staffed by geeks whose work is little understood but none the less admired and respected by other employees.

Also known as "Q Section"
"Can you come to the meeting ?"
"Yeah... but I'll be a little late, I have to go up to Q Branch and get them to look at my GPS, it's playing up."
додав eighthofseven 23 Жовтень 2007

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The old guy with the gadgets in James Bond.
Q Branch works for MI6
додав jonasty 13 Вересень 2005