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What is yelled out in a state or national park when you are about to be busted for something illegal and there is a chance of getting away. Meant to be a spin-off of "stranger-danger"...rangers (like smokey the bear) are the ones that will bust you in a park.
"hide the pot and book it cause there's some major rangerdanger comming this way"
додав Winn Dixie 20 Липень 2006

Слова пов'язані з Rangerdanger

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A commy. An Anti-american usually waving "oil for war" signs. Has been spotted in the LA area screaming about Chile and Pinochet
Your dog just did a rangerdanger on my lawn.
додав Sylent Skull 8 Квітень 2003
a bear or other dangerous wildlife disguised in human clothing.
"Man, that bear with the hat was totally ranger danger."
додав Gavin Card 28 Лютий 2008