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(n.) A Certain Type Of Mustache That Seems Like It Would Be That Of A Rapist, Pedophile,Or Stalker
Guy: OMG!

Guy 2: Whats Wrong Man?

Guy: That Creepy Guy On Dateline Had Total Rape 'Stache! Guy 2: Damn your Right, Thats Creepy As Hell!
додав Aekcihc Anaisioul Seyepop 14 Листопад 2009

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noun 1) Obscure facial hair atop the lips of males often identified as serial rapists. 2) The sad result seen on faces of pubescent boys in their failed attempt to grow a mustache
15-year-old Joseph did not shave for 3 months, and that is why he now has a rapestache.
додав grumbacher 6 Березень 2004